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Alpha-Code Teaching Cards, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds (Digital Download)

$29.95 CAD
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Alpha-Code Teaching Cards, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds (Digital Download)

$29.95 CAD
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Eyewords Multisensory Alpha-Code Teaching Cards, are a meticulously crafted resource rooted in research and clinically validated methods. These cards are specifically designed to enhance the learning and recall of the alphabetic code. They ingeniously merge visual-contextual images with phonics sounds, anchoring words, related actions, mouth placement cues, and interactive play.

This innovative approach engages multiple senses, enhancing learner focus and enjoyment throughout the educational journey. It accelerates mastery of letter-sound connections, effortlessly enriching phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech production effortlessly.

 This comprehensive resource includes:

  •  Comprehensive teaching instructions providing guidance to educators and parents.
  • Dual-sided teaching cards, featuring multisensory elements on the front and plain text on the back.
  • Images intricately embedded within letters to directly illustrate the sound associated with each letter or combination.
  • Mnemonic anchoring words and actions reinforcing each letter sound.
  • Mouth articulation cues for precise speech development.
  • Inclusion of culturally diverse characters and a balance of male and female representations.
  • Consistent letter sizing and alignment for optimal clarity.
  • Plain letters on the reverse side of each card for supplementary learning.
  • Set covers short vowels, long vowels, initial digraphs, and dual versions of 'c' and 'g' to differentiate their soft and hard sounds.
  • Additional multi-sound letter cards for 'c, ck, k', and 'g and j'.
  • 10 hands-on, play-based games and activities.

Eyewords materials are scientifically proven to bolster foundational literacy skills, benefitting ALL learners. Ideal for Kindergarten to Grade 2 students, English language learners, and those requiring specialized support such as individuals with Dyslexia, ADHD, Developmental Challenges, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Working Memory Deficits, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Speech Delay. An invaluable tool for comprehensive and inclusive education.

*Designed for double sided printing

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