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Kerry Hillis

Teacher & Parent

"I have used Eyewords in my classroom and at home with my own children. The multisensory approach not only makes learning fun and engaging, it caters to many different learning styles. Both my students and my own children look forward to playing the sight word games included with the teaching cards. I highly recommend using Eyewords in your classroom and at home."

Kristina Nicosia

Speech-Language Pathologist

"Eyewords is an easy-to-use efficient program. The program provides students with opportunities to learn sight words from a multi-sensory approach. As a SLP it provides me with uncomplicated opportunities to differentiate for the variety of learners I work with. Acquiring the sight words has given my students the ability to read more fluently to better comprehend texts. The program was designed by individuals who clearly have worked with students and their teachers and/or speech providers to gain perspectives on the needs of both."

Eniko Gyorgy


"I use Eyewords regularly in my kindergarten classroom to teach sight words. The multisensory approach ensures that I am able to engage all learners in my classroom no matter their learning style. Since using Eyewords, I have seen tremendous gains in my students’ ability to read the high frequency words. My students just love the images and actions."

Photo of Dr. Christopher Cole and Child

Dr. Christopher Cole


Dr. Cole has treated mental health for countless parents and children throughout his career. He understands that mental health and education are interdependent: mentally healthy students are confident learners, and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for mental health.

He is certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBASP, the Satir Method, and Hypnotherapy to treat anxiety and chronic depression.

As a parent and grandparent, Dr. Cole is an adamant supporter of Eyewords.  

"Eyewords not only helps with reading at the lower levels, but it also improves confidence which ultimately improves mental health."

-Dr. Christopher Cole

Michelle Perkins


"Both in person and online, Eyewords gave my kindergarten class a common language to begin the conversation about sight words. The multisensory approach was key as my students gained the confidence and context they needed to use these words independently. I am very excited about the progress all of my students made with the help of Eyewords!"

Kelly Elliott


"Eyewords have enhanced my Kindergarten literacy program in many ways. My students love learning new words and the actions that go along with them. Since using Eyewords, I have noticed that students are more confident in their reading, and excited about learning."

John Roe


"After finding out that our son was on the spectrum, we struggled in school to find a way to help him with school and his learning curve. Eyewords multisensory sight words notably impacted him. The Eyewords tools with sight words and dictionaries gave us, as parents, the ability to have fun and create an engaging way for him to learn faster and empower himself. This skill set has only built a better foundation for continued learning that doesn't limit his expectations. The sky is the limit!"

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