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  • Sight Word Learning Blanket

    Sight Word Learning Blanket

    CAD $44.95
    This Sight Word Blanket is large (50X60 inches), soft and versatile. It has a double-sided design. On side one the lower and upper case letters and numbers are organized along the border. Beginner words from the Fry and Dolch lists are organized into 4 rows of 15 large words in lower case letters. On side two the vowels and blends are arranged along the border and 5 rows of 19 more advanced sight words are organized into rows for a total of 155 words.
    This blanket is COZY, SOFT & REVERSIBLE and a fantastic way to help your child or students learn to read the sight words.
    EDUCATIONAL - Makes learning fun, gender neutral, easy to incorporate into lessons, an excellent gift, great new way to teach and learn.
    VERSATILE - Works as blanket, play mat, rug, tapestry, wall hanging. Use at home, park, beach, school, in the car.
    SMART - Perfect for learning at home, homeschooling instruction, preschool, or a classroom,

    Sight Word Learning Blanket

    CAD $44.95
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