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Eyewords was created by teacher Jennifer Orr in collaboration with a team of educators, researchers, graphic designers, and computer programmers in an effort to address a need to differentiate reading instruction for young learners. Eyewords was initially developed to complement existing phonemic awareness instruction in kindergarten classrooms by providing a visual and holistic approach to teaching the high frequency words, many of which cannot be decoded phonetically. In addition to boosting the overall effectiveness of kindergarten literacy programs, it was quickly discovered that Eyewords has a tremendous benefit to children who struggle to read through systematic phonics instruction alone. Our core belief is that learning to read can be a fun, easy and exciting process for all.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello:
    I have been using my K set for 5 years now (LOVE!) and I am so pleased to see a first grade set. Ca I only by the download or can I purchase a set to go with my K cards?
    Thank You
    Melody Rae

  2. I currently have the first grade set available for download only for individual orders. Hard goods are available for large quantity orders.

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