How it Works

Eyewords Flashcards/Word Wall cards are designed for easy memorization of  high frequency words.


What are High Frequency Words?

All written material consists of a high proportion of common words referred to as high frequency words.

  • Many of these words are not phonetically regular.      (i.e., the, was, one, are, of, is, said, look, where)
  • They must be memorized in order to be learned.
  • They represent the majority of any written text.
  • They are taught first in most current reading programs.


How to Eyewords Cards help children learn high frequency words?

  • Memorable pictures embedded in each word help Eyewords students master a core of basic sight words in a fraction of the time required with  phonics alone.
  • With this key vocabulary readily accessible, students master phonics rules and generalizations with greater ease and efficiency.
  • Students can then use phonetic strategies, pictures and context cues to decode unknown words.
  •  With fewer words to decode, children read more fluently and with greater comprehension.


How were the Eyewords sight words chosen?

There are several lists which have been compiled over recent years to identify the most frequently used words in all texts. The sight words in Eyewords sets are compiled from the most currently accepted lists.  Therefore, a child who is able to read all of the words in the Eyewords sets has the base needed to recognize the majority of words in a typical reading selection.


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